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Quick Day Trip To San Antonio, fun non-traditional touristy trip

    Back when the Major was in the Army, we lived in San Antonio. It was one of our favorite places. A few weeks ago, we realized the older boys military ID's were about to expire. Our closest ID center was closed, so we decided to head for Lackland AFB in San Antonio. Since it's a couple hours away, we made it a day trip. San Antonio has so much for tourists. There is the Alamo, SeaWorld, Six Flags, and many more. We are a bit on the cheaper side, and since we've been there, done that we went a more untraditional on the tourist route. I thought I'd share it with you in case you were in the area.

c-5 cargo plane Lackland AFB
C-5 Cargo plane
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1. Plane Spotting.
Did you know this is a huge thing in England? There are 2 Air Force Bases in San Antonio. Lackland is on the southwest side and Randolph is on the Northeast side. Google maps should show you the general location. I'd find a restaurant close to the base and enjoy your meal on your bumper while watching planes. You'll typically see the big boys (pictured above) at Lackland, or the trainers for fighter pilots at Randolph, but you never know. Somedays spotting is better than others, you never know what you might see. But as I tell my boys, "Hearing the sounds of freedom never gets old".

Rosario's Enchiladas 

2. Mexican Food.
The BEST. and I mean BEST. Hands down BEST mexican food in San Antonio is not on the Riverwalk. Say what? It's located just south and still in a historic part, but not on the River. And it is worth the walk. Rosario's has been our favorite for as long as I can remember. Every food item is made fresh daily, from the chips to the enchilada sauce. It can be crowded, so try for a late lunch or early dinner. They have gluten free options as well, which is always a win-win for me.
Dinosaur at Witte Museum

3. The Witte Museum
Most families traveling to the area go for the big ones in San Antonio: SeaWorld or Six Flags. This museum, beloved by locals, will capture any age.  From dinosaur bones, to mummies, to native animals of Texas exhibits, to hands on exhibits on how the human body works, they cover a lot. You could easily spend more than one day here. We were able to get into the Witte at no cost because we had a reciprocal museum membership. That was one of the tips I shared on my 5 Essential Tips for Traveling with Kids post.
Text my husband sent to my mom. Pottery Barn Outlet

4. Shopping
It seems like every where you go, there are shops for tourists. Yes, you can go to El Mercado and buy traditional items. It's fun. But I like a bargain. And I'm addicted to the Outlet Malls located in San Marcos, TX. Just about 30-45 minutes north of San Antonio is the outlet mecca you've been looking for. Friends who visited me were always beside themselves with awe whenever we drove up there. I did a post last summer on my tips for shopping the Pottery Barn Outlet.
Rock Wall At Witte Museum

5. There is so much left to do…..
I can still think of so many other things. There just isn't enough time in one day. If you have more time be sure to check out the San Antonio Missions, SA Zoo or botanical gardens, Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch, Natural Bridge caverns, and for sure--cinnamon rolls at Lulu's Bakery.

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