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Quick Week Night Dinner - Fiesta Lime Chicken and Bacon Quesadillas

Fiesta Lime Chicken and Bacon Quesadillas
I don’t know about you, but with fall sports going full steam, other school activities, and just the whirl wind life of being a mom— somedays I would give my left arm for a quick weeknight meal. A meal that takes less than 30 minutes, has easy to find ingredients and one that’s budget friendly. This recipe was actually the result of one of those days. I absolutely did not want to go to the grocery store. The only source of protein in my house was a can of chicken. I made these in that one simple act of desperation, and they are now a family favorite. I think the key is the bacon. Or the Fiesta Lime for the zing. Or the Frank’s red hot sauce for the spice. Or maybe that ohhey gooey cheese. Who knows? All I know, is that it is perfect for a last minute rushed dinner. I hope it might bail you out of a stressful day sometime!
This recipe is part of a Quick Week Night Meal Hop, so be sure to see the others listed below (because we all need a stash of recipes just like these!). Special thanks goes out to Sarah of Becoming Martha for putting this awesome blog hop together!
Easiest Week Night meal Fiesta Lime Chicken  Bacon quesadillas
This recipe is featured in this fabulous 50 + Quick Week Night Dinner Recipe Hop!
Easy weeknight meals collage

My recipe requires minimal ingredients:
  • tortillas (I use corn tortillas to make them gluten free for myself, and flour for my boys)
  • pre-cooked bacon, chopped into small pieces (I use HEB)
  • Mexican cheese (again, HEB mexican cheese blend)
  • pico de gallo (prepared—from—you guessed it—HEB)
  • 13 oz canned chicken, drained (Purchased in bulk from Sam’s Club) or Rotisserie Chicken
  • Frank’s Red Hot Sauce
  • Mrs Dash Fiesta Lime Spice mix
1.To prepare the chicken, drain the can and put the chicken chunks in a medium sized bowl. Using a fork, shred the chicken evenly. Once that is completed, sprinkle 2 tsp’s of the Mrs Dash Fiesta Lime Spice and 1 Tablespoon of Frank’s hot sauce over the chicken. Mix it all in well. Set aside
Fiesta Lime And Frank Red Hot sauce Chicken
2. Prepare the other ingredients for the quesadillas. Not all my kids like bacon, or pico, so I just add them as needed. I keep them right by the stove so I can make each one “made to order”. Heat a non-stick skillet over medium heat. Spray with non-stick oil. Place a tortilla in the middle of the skillet and layer on your ingredients!
IMG 5912
3. Top with another tortilla, and lightly mist it with non-stick spray. Once the bottom layer is browned and crispy, flip and do the same to the other side. Your quesadilla is done when all your cheese is perfectly melted and your tortillas have a nice golden color on them.
Making a Quesadilla the easy way
Canned chicken to make an easy fast dinner
I like to serve ours with prepared guacamole, left over Pico De Gallo, and sour cream.
Fast Dinner for busy moms
Don’t forget the side of blue chips!
Quesidillas for a fast easy dinner
What do you think?
Quick week night meal Tex Mex Quesadillas
Could you make this as your next go to meal?
Quick Weeknight Tex Mex Fiesta
I’m always stumped by canned chicken. Besides this and chicken salad, what do you use it for?
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Easy weeknight meals collage

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  1. I love everything about Quessadillas! I think thats what we'll be having tonight, yum!


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