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Travel Tips For Packing Luggage

 Travel Tips Packing Hacks. My travel tips for packing luggage using travel packing bags, luggage choices, and gadgets for your electronics. Don't leave home without reading this post!

 One of the most common questions I am asked is, “How do you pack light?”. After many trips, I’ve mastered the art of packing for what works for me. I use several tips and tools and have come up with the following travel tips for packing luggage. When I first started out, I told myself I didn’t need the gadgets, but the truth is, they make all the difference! From storing clothes, to storing toiletries, to making sure to save room for purchases, I’m good to go. I hope you enjoy and utilize my travel tips and packing hacks!

Let’s get started:

My Suitcase

Travel Tips for packing luggage.
This is the question I get most often. My #1 go to suitcase is this 20” spinner bag from Swiss Gear. I picked it up at Target and LOVE IT! I used this for my 3 week trip to Europe and have used it for many domestic flights through out the USA. It is expandable, so you can add stuff and check it if you have to. For me, I try my hardest not to check a bag. I love having my bag with me and not having to wait for it to hit the turnstile luggage return. The 4 wheels makes this bag so easy to roll.
My back up bag is one I use when the Major and I travel military space available. It has the ability to convert to a backpack. Sometimes we have to hike from one location to another, and this makes it so easy. I learned about my bag from Rick Steves, and purchased through his site. The bag I have has wheels, but is no longer available. This one is very similar though.
Backpack Travel Packing for urban travelers.
You can find it on Amazon.
My husband uses this bag:
Backpack Travel Packing with a suitcase.
Which is also available at Target.
      Now that you know what I carry, let’s get into the nitty gritty of my 5 essential packing tips.

1. Packing Cubes

Travel packing bags for luggage
I thought packing cubes were ridiculous the first time I saw them. At sometime I decided to try them, and they changed my traveling habits for ever. I love these because they feature a loop at the end that allows me to hang them on hooks or on a door knob. I typically take 3 cubes. In the small cube I place all my clean socks. In the medium cube, I place my pajamas. The large cube I use for clean undergarments. It’s so handy to know exactly where things are. The pajamas are so easy to grab.

2. Clear Vinyl Travel Cosmetic Bags

Travel packing bags for security
When I first started traveling, I used the standard disposable quart size bag. They would get beat up, leak and I always had to pack extras. I actually have 3 of these cases now. I use one for all my liquids (toiletries and liquid makeup) and the second I use for my medicines. I always place these in the front pocket of my suitcase, so that I can pull both out easily when I reach security. They are a bit roomier than the zip locks and if something leaks they contain it, and are easy to wipe out. The third I use for my electronic accessories and I tuck that into my suitcase.

3. Electronic Accessories

I do like to travel with my electronics. I usually have my Macbook Pro or iPad. I almost always have my DSLR camera (Nikon D3200). Between those and my iPhone, I tend to have a lot of cords. I use the following items to try and contain them (All of which I put in the above vinyl cosmetic case).
For my SD cards:
I use an SD card holder so that I can keep them organized. One side is for new fresh formatted cards and the other side is for my used cards.
For all my USB devices I use this plug in to not hog up all the outlets:
USB outlet
I always take a car charger, unless I know we won’t have a rental car. For my cords, I use these handy ties to keep them wound up.

Cord Twists

Another handy thing I like to pack, especially if I’m traveling with others, is this handy travel router. Simply plug it in, connect the hotel’s ethernet cord in, and boom! You have wi-fi!

Medialink wireless Travel router

4. Extra Bags!

I always pack a foldable bag so that I will have room to grow, should I find something I must have. These bags are meant to carry children’s booster seats, but I love this one for “anything use”. I simply pack stuff in it, use the handy part on the back to carry it on my carry on. I then check my carryon suitcase and use this bag as my carryon. If I don’t use it, no big deal. It folds flat and takes up no space. I keep it at the bottom of my suitcase.

Travel packing luggage hacks
So that’s it! What do you think? What do you have to have when you travel?
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  1. Great tips! I really like those packing cubes. I may be getting some of these items. :)

    1. Thanks Inkhappi! I love the cubes. I might even have a set that I use around the house to corral stuff :)

  2. Extra bags are a must. Love those that fold up to be a tiny square. Just leave one in your bag all the time. Hadn't seen the cubes before.

  3. I stopped by your blog, after you left such a sweet comment on mine. This picture is worth a thousand words! To much
    I love that doggie.

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  5. Great ideas! I have been on the fence with the packing cubes, but think I will try them out.

  6. I have always been a fan on these traveling tips specially when it comes to packing luggage because I always do mistakes while packing my luggage.

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