Make your own cranberry vodka!

Cranberry vodka can be made with simple ingredients in under and hour. Its the perfect base for holiday cocktails

Gather your ingredients. You'll want everything measured and ready to go to make things easy.

Step 1

Combine cranberry juice cocktail and sugar into a saucepan

Step 2

Whisk until it comes to a boil and then lower to a medium heat to simmer.

Step 3

Once it thickens and has a syrup consistency, remove from heat and allow to cool about 30-45 minutes.

Step 4

Pour into a bowl with a spout or have a funnel handy.

Step 5

Add in the vodka.

Step 6

After mixing, pour into an airtight glass container.

Step 7

It's a perfect gift for friends and neighbors!

Step 8

Grab the recipe and free cocktail recipe printable!


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