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Quick Glitter Star Ornaments with Free SVG file

Need a quick garland, ornament, or something fun to do with the kiddos on a snowy afternoon? This is a great little craft. So easy to do and very inexpensive. 

Today's project is also being shared over at "That's What Che Said". Be sure to check out Cheryl's blog, and don't miss out on the 25 Days of Christmas Series on her site!
25 Days of Christmas Series at thatswhatchesaid

For this project you will need the following:
-chipboard, or a cereal box
-elmers glue
-cheap kids paintbrush
-aluminum foil or wax paper

For step one, cut the stars out. At the bottom of the page, I've included a PDF of the stars or the SVG file in case you have a cricut or silhouette.
From This: 
To This:
Step 2: I mix the elmer's glue with 2 parts glue to 1 part water. I don't know why I do this, I just do. I use a paintbrush to brush the stars with the glue mixture onto one side. I don't like to get glue everywhere so this seems to help. I do apply the glue generously.

Step 3: After the glue is on the star, place it on aluminum foil or wax paper. Sprinkle the glitter heavily all over the one side of the star. Make sure you get all the cracks and crannies! Little kids are excellent at this part of the job. Allow the glue and glitter to dry for 10 minutes. Gently shake the remaining glitter onto the foil or wax paper and then place the remains back into the glitter shaker.

Step 4: Turn the stars over and repeat the process

Step 5: Once the stars are dried, slip a bit of string or twine around the middle and top of the star. Attach a hook to hang the star onto the tree, or simply hang from another spot. My kiddos love these hanging from the ceiling (I use command strip hooks, the tiny size).
FREE SVG Star Shape Can Be Downloaded Here!

Don't have a Cricut or Silhouette machine? Download the PDF here. 

Hope you enjoy these! I'd love to see pictures if you do this project!
 Have a Merry Christmas

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