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3 Easy steps to making a Fun and Inexpensive Pumpkin Topiary

Pumpkin Topiary 3 easy steps
I’ve had so many of you ask me about the topiary in my Fall Home Decor Tour, that I thought I would show you how easy and inexpensive it is to make. So many times we purchase pumpkins, and then are unsure on what to do with them. How many of you are stumped when it comes to pumpkin ideas for decorating? Today I’m giving away all my hints and tips to make this fantastic and eye-catching display. I am going to show you how to make an easy pumpkin design that is a show stopper. You only need a few items, most that can be found inexpensively. I utilized older fake pumpkins, dollar tree pumpkins, and even a real one! By combining these, you can make a display that can be used year after year, with minimal storage requirements. These are perfect for indoors or out! I’d love to see a pair of these pumpkin topiaries used in front porch or entryway decorating. How delightful would it be to see a pair flanking your front walkway?  Let’s hop to it, shall we!

  • Step 1: Grab your container. I was so lucky, I was able to score this beautiful planter pot at Target in the after summer clearance area. Nothing beats a good deal! You will need to stuff your planter with something to keep the pumpkins up high. I’m super cheap so I used something that was super plentiful, newspaper!
Find a pot to fill with pumpkins
Fill pot with crumpled newspaper ads
  • Step 2: Cover up the newspaper! I found the easiest and cutest way to do this—a candle ring of leaves! You can find these at any craft store in the fall decor aisle. Depending on how full the leaves are you might be able to get away with using 1, but if there are lots of gaps you might want to stack 2.  Don’t worry about the hole in the middle, the pumpkins will cover that!
Leaf layer of pumpkin topiary
  • Step 3: Stack your pumpkins! If you wanted to, you could glue your pumpkins together. I don’t, simply because I want it to be easier to store them when Fall is over. For my outside pumpkin topiaries, I do usually place a dowel rod in, just to secure them a bit more. My first pumpkin is a medium sized funkin that I purchased a few years ago at a craft store. My middle pumpkin is a pumpkin from Dollar Tree, that cost—you guessed it—$1. I painted it an off white color to give a variation to all the pumpkins. Your middle pumpkin is a key piece because you must cut the bottom out to fit the stem from the bottom pumpkin, and you must cut the top stem off to allow the top pumpkin to lay flat. Best part of buying the pumpkin from the dollar store? You won’t feel guilty about this! My top pumpkin is a small unique and delightful little pumpkin that I purchased from Walmart. They are real pumpkins that are sold in a bag of about 4-5 from around $3.  The petite size is perfect for the top, and the real stem looks fantastic! 
Stacking pumpkins for topiary
You can see the middle pumpkin going on here! I also finished mine off by adding a trellis that I picked up after summer at Hobby Lobby. It added just the right touch, and helps hold the pumpkins in place. 
Pumpkin topiary how to DIY
All done and ready to set up in a fun Fall display!
Dining room buffet dressed for fall
I placed this one in my dining room on my buffet. It looks wonderful there, adding just the right height. It makes me smile every time I see it. And every time I remember how much $$$ I saved making my own!
Pumpkin topiary with dollar store pumpkins
What do you think? Will you attempt to make your own? Please let me know if you do, or take a pic and tag me on instagram!
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