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Christmas Tree Ornament Advent Calendar

Advent Calendar Challenge: 

Christmas Tree Ornament Advent

See how easy it is to create a fun and useful advent calendar! Countdown 24 days to cover December 1st thru the 24th. Your kiddos will adore it! It makes a stunning seasonal display.
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Chalkboard Ornamenet Advent Calendar 

    It’s time for another monthly craft challenge! This month our theme was “Advent Calendars”. It always amazes me what fun things my bloggy friends create. You’ll find the links down below, so please be sure to stop by and give them some love.
November Craft Challenge Advent Calendar

    My tutorial is very easy to make and requires little handy work. You can purchase all 24 ornaments from the store, garage sales, online, etc. Or you can be adventurous and create 24 handmade ornaments. You might be seeing 24 different ornaments over the next month or so…… I wanted to make something that was easy to customize.
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 I didn’t come up with this on my own. I actually found the idea in a British magazine that I picked up on my last trip to England. It’s several years old. The idea originally came from The White Company. It is no longer being marketed, but they have some other cute advent calendars.

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The original sliver, white and gold palate was stunning, but I decided to jazz mine up with some colorful pops of red and green.

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Making the ornaments was the most tedious part.

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If I had skipped that step, I’d say this project would be easily completed in a half hour— 1 hr max.

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The Chalkboard I already had, but you can find a similar one here.

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I used a real tree, that I grabbed at my grocery store, but an artificial tree would work too. Mine is about 3 feet tall.

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I can remember as a kid getting to decorate the tree was a big deal, so I really think my kids will like taking turns decking this advent tree.

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To get started, I used a large ruler and measured where I wanted my ribbon to go. Remember, the ribbon will sag a bit with the weight of the ornaments. I secured the ribbons on the back of the frame with my trusty Gorilla Glue Tape.

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Next, I evenly divided and space our my glittery miniature clothes pins.
Once I had that done, I slowly added the ornaments. There were a couple heavier ornaments that I went ahead and secured the pin to the chalkboard to make it more sturdy. I used poster putty (I love this stuff!!!). I wrote the numbers in chalk right over the ornament.

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It was seriously that easy.

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I can’t wait to show you all the handmade ornaments!

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There are so many unique pieces and they are all very easy to do, with very little time required.

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The ornament calendar is so easy to recreate— I hope you make one! If you are feeling inspired, I’ve added all the supplies you’ll need!

     Do you do an advent calendar? I’d love to hear about yours.

     I was so excited when the pictures for this link up started rolling in. It just goes to show, an advent calendar can be made out of anything. Special thanks to the wonderful ladies who joined me for this months challenge!

November Craft Challenge Advent Calendar


Please pin for later and continue to come back by for lots of Christmas inspiration!
Chalkboard Ornamenet Advent Calendar


  1. Sara! This is absolutely adorable! I love all the little mini ornaments!

  2. I absolutely love this idea. It is so simple and darling. I will have to make one of these for sure. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Love this twist on the more traditional advent calendars. Simple and sweet!

  4. This is really special. I'm a big lover of chalkboard paint. so this makes me happy to look at. And your dresser is pretty snazzy too !!

  5. This looks so fun! Thanks for sharing such a great idea!

  6. Hey Girl! This post was the most clicked one of last week's You're Gonna Love It link up! that means you are being featured tonight on both Kathe and My blog! <3


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