Cranberry Apple Ginger Pancakes

Uses leftover  cranberry sauce!

Have leftover cranberry sauce and looking for a festive holiday breakfast? These ginger pancakes topped with an easy cranberry apple compote are sure to please!

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 ¾ cup cranberry sauce  3-4 large apples, sliced  ¼ cup brown sugar  2 tablespoon butter

For the cranberry apple compote:

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Make your cranberry apple compote on the stove in a skillet. Tastes great warm on pancakes or cold in yogurt!

Make your pancake batter next. The ginger, allspice and brown sugar gives it all the fall vibes.

Pancakes keep a few days in the fridge and freeze well, so make ahead of time if breakfast is rushed!

"These pancakes are the ultimate fall breakfast! Delicious! 😀"

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*Compote tastes fabulous mixed with yogurt and granola! *Mix it up and make British style pancakes instead of American style *Use gluten free flour as an easy swap for those that need it!

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