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Before and After Garden Planters with Valspar Outdoor Spraypaint

Beforeafterplanter valspar spraypaint outdoor
Just so you know in advance, I do not have a green thumb. Yet every spring I plant flowers. I had much more success when we lived in Oregon, but Texas heat does me in every summer. I love giant pots, but the one in the photo has seen better days. You can tell from the picture that it was getting a scrub down, and it was still in desperate need. I picked up the Valspar outdoor spray paint earlier this week when I was shopping at Lowes. My son had brought home flowers from school and we had to grab some little pots and we decided at least one should have some color. I decided since I had the bottle I should do the giant pot since it was so pitiful. I was shocked when I was done, because HOLY MOLY its BLUE! In the end I decided I really do like it. I think it will be the pop of color my front area needs when those flowers are no longer blooming and the green stuff left is getting leggy. Hello Texas heat! Here are some more shots.

Planter after pretty flowers bench
Here is the can in case you need a visual on what to look for at the store.
valspar outdoor paint blue

The littler pots are shown below. We kept one black and the other one we painted. Please pray for the sunflower my son brought home that is planted in the black pot. It's not faring well and my son was really attached to this little plant.
small planters valspar
Here's a close up from the side. The paint helped bring out some of the details along the side.
Here's hoping I don't kill the flowers before the dreaded Texas drought kicks in! I'll leave you with a few more shots of some other planters I have flanking our garage. I picked them up last year at TJ Maxx and love them. I figure by next year they will need some paint---what color would you go with?
IMG 1019
planters to flank doors
They are an easy combination of flowers. In the back is Mandevilla. I have a tomato cage over it that I picked up at the dollar store last fall. I'm hoping it will wind around it. Off on each side are sweet potato vines (Chartreuse and dark purple) a coleus in the middle and petunias that should spill over soon.
planter pots mandevilla sweet potato
Ignore the messy lawn off to the side of this one. As my kiddos were leaving for school the other morning, I heard my youngest say, "Daddy, look at all the pretty flowers!". My husband didn't skip a beat and said, "Don't worry, they'll all be dead in 2 weeks!".
So I only have to make it past 2 weeks and I'll exceed expectations. I'm thinking about installing a watering system Have you done that? Do you remember to water yours? Do your flowers make it through the summer? I'd love to hear about your experiences!
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Happy Spring!
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