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Gluten Free Cheerios Trail Mix

Major Hoff Takes A Wife Gluten Free Cheerios Trail Mix

Gluten Free Cheerios Trail Mix is a perfect on the go snack. This easy recipe features gluten free pretzels, marshmallows and nuts. Enjoy your favorite childhood cereal in a whole new way!
      There are some nights when we are in a hurry, and my kids might need something wholesome and filling, but I don't have time to cook.  Or days when I need to fill my tummy before an appointment early in the morning and I need to eat - and eat fast. There are  times I'm traveling and I need food that is portable, doesn't need to be refrigerated and can sustain me through the day.

Life Is Tough But So Are You : My Chiari Update

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Life is Tough But So Are You T-Shirt by Cents of Style

     In January of 2015, fresh off New Year’s Eve, I made a resolution. 2015 was to be my “Year Of NO Fear”. I thought it was pretty clever. I was going to conquer the things that had held me back before. It started off with a bang that spring. I traveled to New York City and stayed in the city alone. I took a ride on one of the steepest railways in the world, amazed by Norway’s scenery and proud that the cliffs didn’t get the best of my nerves. I made it to the second floor of the Eiffel Tower (which wasn’t the top but was one more floor than the last time).

     During the summer, I went down a super tall waterslide where the bottom drops out below you to send you down the chute. The very next day, I managed to shove my body into an MRI machine and only had to be pulled out once for a break. A few years back, I had totally freaked out during a MRI. The thought of going into that “tunnel of doom” made me sick to my stomach. In the end, I endured a few more MRI’s. In December, I finished the year out with my biggest challenge - brain surgery.

Pumpkin Spice Yogurt and Granola Parfaits

Pumpkin Pie Spice Yogurt and granola Parfaits

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Pumpkin Spice Greek Yogurt & Granola Parfaits. #FoundMyDelight #ad @indelight
     It’s officially #PumpkinSpiceEverything again, and I can’t wait to get on board! I have always loved pumpkin, and delicious pumpkin pie spice flavored lattes. I love them hot or cold, any time of the day! I recently fell in love with the convenience of International Delight Iced Coffees. No more waiting in long lines, having to make sure a barista fixes it to my liking, and no more coffeehouse prices! The best part of having International Delight Iced Coffee in the fridge is how easy it is to mix into recipes!
       I love pumpkin spice because it’s flavorful without being too sweet. It’s the perfect addition to your breakfast. I made these amazing Pumpkin Spice Yogurt and Granola Parfaits earlier this week and have been enjoying them for a quick and healthy breakfast. I’ve combined an easy homemade pumpkin pie spiced pudding, greek yogurt and homemade maple spiced granola for fun breakfast parfait. It’s easy to make and a perfect breakfast recipe for fall.

Tips and Tricks to stay motivated on a daily walking program

Tips and Tricks to stay motivated on a daily walking program. @OutshineSnacks #snackbrighter #walking #healthysnacks #ad

When my doctor told me as part of my recovery, I needed to walk 2 miles a day, I really thought it would be no problem. And the walking part really isn’t the problem. The problem for me lies in keeping my motivation. Once the fun of, “look at me go!” wears off, you can start to really to doubt yourself. You are not alone. I wanted to share what seems to be working for me and a few of my friends. Of course, none of us are health professionals, so be sure to talk with your own doctor before starting a program. But if you are already there and starting to have that sense of boredom kick in, hopefully some of the tips and tricks will help you stay motivated with a daily walking program.

Mondays with Mrs Major Hoff : All The Little Things

Mondays With Mrs Major Hoff

I can't believe it's already Monday again. And boy does it feel like a Monday today! I accidentally brewed a single cup of coffee on the carafe setting, so I've been mopping coffee today. OOPS! But I'm happy to be here again, and sharing the 3 favorite things that I've been loving this week. I hope you are finding my suggestions helpful and that you might have discovered something unexpected that you now love!

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