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Air Boat Tours With Wild Florida

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     If you saw my post earlier on a girls weekend trip to Orlando, then you know I mentioned our adventurous air boat ride with Wild Florida. I told you it deserved a stand alone post, and boy does it! This post is also picture heavy, but I was so in love with all of them… was too hard to narrow down all of them! When we first decided on our trip, one thing we researched was airboat tours in the Orlando area. After checking a few things, we decided on Wild Florida.

Wild Florida Air Boat Tours. Incredible air boat tour near Orlando, Florida. Bird watchers, alligator spotters and families are left in awe! Florida Travel | Florida Wildlife | Air Boat Tours

So why is Wild Florida 

the BEST air boat tour

 near Orlando?

  • Wild Florida is in close proximity to Orlando, the perfect distance for traveling families
  • It is located on Cypress Lake, at the headwaters of the Everglades. 
  • Cypress Lake has no houses or developments, which means it’s a pure eco-tour. 
  • Wild Florida offers air boat tours AND Ranch Buggy Tours, a sightseeing pier, a swamp walk and nature trails.
  • Located on site is a wildlife & gator park, a bird aviary, an alligator pond and over 200 animals!
  • Families can eat on site at a BBQ restaurant, grab ice cream cones, and also pick up snacks at their eclectic gift shop.
  • Wild Florida also offers animal encounters with sloths, lemurs, and porcupines!

Wild Florida Air Boat Tours

Things to do in Orlando for a Girls Getaway

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     When I was recovering from my surgery, I set my sights on being able to travel again. When I was sick and in between the operations, I was pretty well confined to our little town, even weekend trips were too much. After the second surgery seemed to be a success, plans started to evolve for a girls weekend trip with my friends Amy (Atta Girl Says) and Abbie (Albion Gould). We kept our options open and said we had 5 goals in mind: a fun event, some pampering, something adventurous, a spectacular meal and a magnificent hotel. We decided on Orlando, Florida and it was wonderful!

     To start off with, I’d never been to Florida. Yep, I was 40 before I made it happen. Another thing we decided was to skip the theme parks since our children weren’t with us. We also crammed quite a bit in, but it was all very relaxing. I was worried about flying, and how I’d feel after traveling, so this worked out so well. To get a start on ideas we scoped out Visit Orlando’s website. The hardest part was narrowing it down! Sadly, Abbie had to cancel at the last minute, but Amy and I still ended up with an incredible itinerary, so be sure to check it all out. I can’t wait to head back with the whole family!
 The ultimate guide to a girls getaway to Orlando, Florida. Learn about the best resort, air boat tour, comedy club, dinner locations and more!

The Ultimate Guide To A Girls Getaway: Orlando, Florida

Road Trip Peanut Butter Pretzel Brownies

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Peanut Butter Pretzel Brownies These brownies are always the hit of the party! Featuring a peanut pretzel chocolate chip crust, and an amazing peanut butter chocolate frosting - you'll be in heaven! #ad

     It’s been a while since I popped in over here, and it’s because we’ve just kicked off our summer vacation with our first Road Trip of the season. If you follow me on instagram, you’ve seen some of our last adventure. Since our boys are older and have so many activities that keep them busy, the window of time we have to travel is very small. Some of our favorite family memories are from our travel adventures, so we like to take them as often as we can. Although the places change, one road trip food stays the same:

Peanut Butter Pretzel Brownies

     Yes, all 3 flavors in one amazing pan. This recipe features a crust complete with pretzels, peanuts, and chocolate chips. A middle layer of cakey brownies, followed by an amazing peanut butter chocolate frosting. Yes, they are ooey gooey, so be sure to pack a roll of paper towels! These have been my kiddos favorite dessert for several years, and they beg for them. How the peanut butter pretzel brownies became a mandatory road trip food - well, that’s a funny story!

Peanut Butter Pretzel Brownies 3

Summer Patio Must Haves!

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The Summer Patio Must - Have's 

for your outdoor seating area AND your outdoor dining area. 

You won't believe the total price on ALL these items! 
Summer Must Have's from World Market. Everything you need for a seating area and outdoor dining area! #AD #worldmarkettribe #discoverWorldMarket

     It is quite possible that this post might blow your mind. I can’t believe it myself. Because I’m about to tell you how you can do your entire patio with both a seating & dining area for under $500 (Memorial Day Weekend only!). That’s right, EVERYTHING you see above can be yours for under $500! I’m still in shock to be honest. I had decided to come up with a design for my back patio and thought I’d make a mood board. But when I found out about the IN STORE ONLY deal going on at World Market, I knew I had to share the whole thing for someone starting from scratch. You’re going to want to run to World Market as fast as you can!

     Okay, so how does one come up with this? I'm going to show you how to use an in store only coupon to get this amazing deal!

     Let’s do a little math, and break it into a few sections.

Cheers to you, summertime moms!

20 Things that drive moms nuts over the summer! Those little things that make us want to go bonkers! #Ad #LoveTheJourney #freshstart

We are in the last full week of school here, and I swear I’m about to explode. Suddenly there is a talent show, orchestra concert, family potluck, field trip, scheduled for every single day. My schedule is about to burst, and I’m starting to wonder when I will make it to the grocery store to stock up on the snacks for the older boys' finals week. To say I’m ready for the school year to finish up is an understatement. I am looking forward to not going through folders, silently yelling at the people who cut in line in the carpool lane, sending snacks, and catching high schoolers up at 2 am finishing projects.

For summer, I’m looking forward to having no alarm clocks dictating where we have to be. I’m excitedly planning family vacations knowing we will make memories to last a lifetime. I’m secretly thinking how handy it will be to have big boys home that can help me do things (you know, like move furniture). I loved summer as a kid, and I hope my kiddos enjoy those lazy days as much as I did.

So I’m looking forward to that idyllic summer just like all my other mom friends. Except, we sort of aren’t looking forward to ALL of summer vacation. Because as much as we love the summer, there is a dark side. Don’t get me wrong. So many moms truly love and enjoy their kiddos, but we all have a boiling point, and some summer time things can make us ready to send them back to school.
After inquiring with my friends, I discovered I’m not alone. Here are the things that drive us nuts during the summer:

20 reasons you might be a summertime mom.

You may want to air these grievances:

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