Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Turkey Bacon Club Wrap featuring Hidden Valley Ranch Avocado Dressing

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Turkey Bacon Avocado Ranch Sandwich Wrap! 

Looking to get out of a sandwich rut? Try this delicious Turkey Bacon Club Wrap Featuring Hidden Valley Ranch Avocado Dressing! #WhatsYourRanch #collectivebias #sandwich #wraps #lunch #ad

        The dog days of summer are upon us! I don’t know about you, but I loathe cooking in the Texas heat. I’m all about fixing fast meals that are hearty enough for lunch or dinner, and that the picky kiddos will eat. We eat a lot of sandwiches during the summer, and they get old fast. My kiddos love to mix it up a bit with wraps. I was so excited when I heard about the new flavors that Hidden Valley Ranch Dressing has. They had me at “Ranch Avocado”. I mean really— ranch  — avocado. WIN WIN!!!! This was such a quick meal to whip up, and I know you will love the flavor, the lack of prep work, and not having to do a ton of dishes! This hearty wrap can be made with all your favorite fixin’s. These happen to be my favorite, but feel free to mix it up. I love to use shaved deli meat, fresh spinach, a ripe tomato, and crisp bacon. Topped with this dressing, it tastes like something from a gourmet sandwich shop! Make a batch in the morning and throw them in the picnic basket for an alfresco lunch. This Turkey Bacon Club Wrap is sure to become a new favorite. Along with the Hidden Valley Ranch Avocado Dressing. You’ll want to use it in the traditional ways or for jazzing up any sandwich. The other flavors are just as great! Craving that Turkey Bacon Club Wrap? Well, let’s get started!

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Saturday, May 16, 2015

How to make Salsa : Restaurant Style Roasted Tomato Salsa

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Salsa, Canned tomatoes, easy salsa receipe, Roasted tomato salsa, Homemade tomato recipes

Homemade Fire Roasted Salsa, easy salsa recipe, how to make salsa with canned tomatos, homemade salsa

    Our family eats salsa by the gallon. We live in Texas, remember?!!! When you eat salsa at breakfast, lunch and dinner, you need a really good homemade salsa recipe. I think an easy salsa recipe should be in every chef’s repertoire. The beautiful thing about salsa, is how many different flavors and types that are out there! My favorite is a roasted tomato salsa, which you can often find at a Mexican restaurant. Although I love to use on the vine tomatoes, the reality is that I have a really hard time finding ripe ones to make salsa, especially year round. My solution? Hunts Diced Tomatoes. For real! And today, my friends, I’m going to teach you my tricks on how to make salsa using canned tomatoes! Now there is no excuse, you will always have salsa on hand to top your eggs in the morning, to throw on a quick bed of greens with chicken for lunch, and for the next time the neighbors pop in for a quick chat. Chips and Salsa are always the hit of the party. Now you only concern is if you have enough chips in the pantry!

Homemade salsa recipe, how to use canned tomatoes for salsa, easy salsa recipe

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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

How to make your own First Class Amenity Kits

1st Class Amenity Kits. So easy to make yourself, without spending the high cost for luxury. These are the essentials you need to pack to make your next flight more enjoyable!
     I don't know about you, but I am regular flyer in coach class. That said, I like to feel like I'm flying first class- without footing the bill. I started making these first class amenity bags and they have been so handy. I love to give them for roommate gifts at conferences or for my travel adventure buddies. They are always a hit. Filled with the necessities you need to make your flight go better - you'll never want to fly without them! So what are the necessities I won't leave home without?

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Monday, April 27, 2015

Painting Ideas : London Front Door Colors For Inspiration

Painting Ideas : London Front Door Colors for Inspiration. Looking for painting ideas? About to pick a front door color? Be inspired by these doors found in London. From classic to bold, there is sure to be a color that suits you! #color #inspiration #London #FrontDoor #paintingideas
     I’m still sorting through all my vacation pictures and I have so much to share with you. Today though, I’m thinking about front doors. I’ve been considering painting my front door for a few months now. You can see what it currently looks like here. While I was in England, my cousin (who I had just met) was showing me pictures of her house on her phone. She suddenly started apologizing because she had a few pictures of front doors that she had taken for inspiration. It was then I knew we were going to be fast friends! Someone else that takes cell phone pictures of painting ideas! Instant friend! I love finding inspiration in nature, in fabrics, in design catalogs- but sometimes you need the real deal. Picking a front door color seems like such a big decision for me. I’m not sure why—it’s just paint? So I was thrilled when I was walking around London, and even in the rain I saw the most amazing doors. I certainly don’t see these door colors in my Texas neighborhood! Maybe because of the rain, they like perky, cheerful colors! Either way, I was thankful that many were with the similar red brick I have on my house. After sorting through them, I picked my favorites and decided to share them with you. Because I figure you might like some front door colors for inspiration too! Maybe you take cell phone pictures for painting ideas too? See. I knew we were going to be fast friends!

Front door painting ideas. Looking for painting ideas? About to pick a front door color? Be inspired by these doors found in London. From classic to bold, there is sure to be a color that suits you! #color #inspiration #London #FrontDoor #paintingideas

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Monday, April 20, 2015

Iced Vanilla Lattes For a Crowd & how to prepare sensitive teeth for cold summer snacks

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Iced Vanilla Lattes For a Crowd.

Prepare your teeth for cold summer drinks. Just in time for those fun, cold drinks- Colgate Sensitive Toothbrush & Built-in Sensitivity  pen. Includes a recipe for Vanilla Lattes for a crowd.

    Last spring, I started having issues with my teeth and gums. My mouth was sore on a constant basis, and it started affecting things I ate. For instance, I couldn’t eat certain chips because they were too crunchy and sharp. I nursed it at home as long as I could, but finally went to the dentist. I felt bad complaining about this, but I could tell it wasn’t the first time my hygienist had heard about sensitive teeth. They suggested I switch to a prescription toothpaste and I went with that. I have to say, it did help, but the sticker shock was incredible. It was more than a lunch date for hubs and I. For a tiny small tube. Once that little tube was gone, I knew I needed to find something else because I’m really cheap. I switched to Colgate Sensitive toothpaste and noticed a lot of my issues had gone away. There were only a few things I couldn’t enjoy as much as before—all cold items. Things like ice cream sandwiches, or my favorite—iced coffee drinks.

Iced coffee drinks for a crowd.

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